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We take the organizational burden from the Investors and we support decision-making mechanisms in each stage of the investment. Irrespective of the fact whether you plan to purchase a plot of land to use in individual building or within the frames of a commercial, residential or office undertaking, our advisory and investment services are directed to limiting unnecessary realization costs of the investment with preservation of high standards.


Technical advisory on the stage of planning the investment and location decisions

Investor supervision

control of quality and supporting decision-making processes in realizing the investment


Cost and functional optimisation of the projects on the design and realization stage

Scope of the company’s operation


Investor supervision

We deal with the supervision of the implementation of the investment project in the broadest sense. Customers who carry out their investments with us do not receive technical support from us only in the planning and acceptance phase, but also in the design, pre-project, design and post-acceptance phases. We consider each project individually to recognise the needs of the Investor in a very detailed manner. Our comprehensive team is able to achieve an optimal result of the investment process, both in the field of microenterprises with a budget of several hundreds of thousands of PLN and in the implementation of complex industrial or housing investments of much larger dimensions. Our market experience and formalised procedures in every investment phase enable us to efficiently and transparently carry out the pre-project and project phases, the selection of the general contractor, the execution of the works and the commissioning of the property.


Analysis before the acquisition of investment plots

The investment cycle begins as early as the site selection phase. This applies both to the purchase of land for the individual housing estate and to investments in industry, production and warehousing. We help to assess the local parameters of potential investment sites, which may affect above-average construction costs, connection possibilities in the utility sector and the future functionality of the completed investment.



The optimisation of construction and material solutions for the ready-to-use project documentation without the loss of functionality or durability of the applied solutions. The two-way work over the projects, oriented to optimisation of construction and material solutions.

The Kreft Philosophy

The Contracts Realized Financially and Technically


The optimisation of costs with preservation of maximum quality and functionality


Control of quality on the stage of the project, realization and usage


Selection of technologies and solutions suitable for local conditions and meeting the needs of the investor


Assessment of functionality solutions that influence implementation costs, quality and sustainability


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